OBJECT. To provide for as many bowlers as is practical, a get together in an atmosphere      of fellowship and happy competition where everybody enjoys their whole day; win, lose or draw.

ADMINISTRATION. Administration of Bowls Sunraysia’s Veterans Bowls shall be in the hands of a B.S. sub-committee consisting of a Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Recorder. This committee may at its discretion co-opt one or more persons from among participating bowlers to assist with the administration. The Committee shall convene an Annual General Meeting of Veteran Managers of all participating Clubs and such other general meetings as it deems necessary. At all other meetings each Club may be represented by its manager or his deputy and one other delegate. The Committee shall give no less than two weeks' notice of Annual Meeting which shall be held at a date, set by the delegates each year. The business of the Annual Meeting shall include: ?

  1. Confirmation of minutes of previous AGM.
  2. Chairman's Annual Report and Financial Statement.
  3. Correspondence (if any).
  4. Election of Sub-Committee i.e. Chairman, Deputy and Recorder.
  5. Approval of guidelines, with or without amendment.
  6. Adoption of program for the year.
  7. Nomination of number of teams for Pennant
  8. Any other business introduced by Delegates.



  1.  Players must be 63 years of age or will attain that age during the relevant Veterans Pennant Season.

Dress for all Veterans competitions shall be white or cream. Penalty Guidelines 21.

  1. THE GAME:

(a) Matches shall consist of 20 ends except on Final Day when they shall be played over 16 ends. For dates of play and Venues, see draw.

(b) If the Jack driven by a bowl in play comes to rest wholly beyond the boundary of the rink, it shall be replaced as in rule 31B of the laws of the BV and, after all remaining bowls (if any) have been

 delivered, result of the end shall be determined and the end counted as a played end. The mat rule as per BV applies.

  1. FUNDS:

Pennant players shall contribute an amount as set by the delegates at the AGM, each game, of which a set amount shall be retained by the host Club and the balance held in trust by Committee for administration expenses and provision of unsponsored trophies.


The host Club shall provide at least one umpire for the day.

Name to be announced before start of play.

  1. TEAMS:

 (a) A player shall be identified with a team when he has played 3 games with that team          and thereafter he may not play with another team except as substitute

(b)  A skipper of a team who has skipped that team for 3 games cannot play as skip or third in another    team, but can play as a sub in the position of lead or second in another team.

(c)  On receipt of written application, the sub-committee may approve the transfer of an     Identified player to another team.

 (d)  A player transferring from one team to another will not be identified with his new team           until he has played 3 games with it.

(e)  No application for transfer shall be approved after the twelfth week of the Pennant       season.

(f)   A team may consist of players from different clubs within the Bowls Sunraysia Division           but only as a sub.


           (a) If available, substitute players from any participating Club may play in any position   except SKIPPER. Score cards shall show "name... (Sub)", e.g. “J Blow” (sub). Penalty: clause 10(ii)

         (b) Subject to the preceding sub-clause, if only 3 players (including

Substitutes) are available, those players shall constitute the team and shall play as lead, and Skipper respectively and the duty of the 2" shall be carried out as the 3rd. The 3rd and the lead shall each play an extra bowl in turn with the opposing 2sd.

ADDITION:- If a team cannot obtain a substitute for a game that team can play as a triple, but if that team has not made a genuine attempt to obtain a substitute the executive has the power to remove the points if that team wins the game.

(c) If an absent player arrives, he may be included in the team which may rearrange order of players as desired.

 (d) If a substitute becomes available, he may play in any position except Skipper.

7. STARTING TIME: If all teams are present the person running the competition for that day may announce start of play at 1.15p.m. Roll up before 1.15.p.m. Delayed start. 20 minutes grace after starting time will be allowed for unavoidable delays.


If a team is unavoidably delayed beyond that time limit, but arrives in time to play a minimum of 12 ends, the game may precede and standard points be allotted for the result.

Morning games shall commence at 9.15a.m. Roll up after 9.00am                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            





(a)   Play on any scheduled day except for opening and final day shall be cancelled when

(1) The host Club decides in conjunction with the Executive that due to inclement weather or for other valid reason, the greens are unfit for play.


(a) 9.15am start: If the BOM forecast is for the temperature to reach 36 degrees after the time that the ends played [12 ends per team] to gain a result then the game shall be played and the results when play stops shall make up a game.

(b) 1.30pm start: If the BOM forecast is for 36 degrees centigrade.

(c)   When any of the above conditions apply, the executive to notify all managers that play for the day has been cancelled.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

      (3) OPENING and FINAL DAY. The Committee in consultation with the host Club may make                                                                                                                 such adhoc arrangements as it considers will best meet the circumstances and further the                                                                                                                                                                                                           season's program and notify all managers if there has been a change.  

(b) If the weather becomes inclement after the start of play, the umpire appointed for the day shall determine whether and at what stage play shall be abandoned.

(c) If games are not completed due to inclement weather, results as at cessation of play shall stand provided not less than twelve ends have been played. If less than 12 ends are played the games shall be abandoned and no results recorded for that round.

  (d) If games at one venue only in a split round are abandoned with less than 12 ends played, all games shall be recorded as having been drawn.

  1. SCORECARDS: The winning skipper is responsible to see that both teams’ cards are correctly filled in and duly signed by both skippers. He will deliver both cards to the office of the host Club for collection by the Recorder or his Deputy.
  2. RESULTS: (1) A ladder of results will be drawn up after each round allocating 2 points for a win or / walkover, one point for a draw. In event of a walkover the team giving the walkover shall have 12 shots deducted from its (shots for) and the team receiving the walkover shall gain 12 shots. (ii) Any team playing a substitute as skipper shall have 5 shots deducted from its (shots for) and its opponent shall gain 5 shots. (iii) If teams are equal on points, relative positions on the ladder shall be resolved by shots up. If still equal, by proportional calculation, i.e., total (shots for) divided by total (shots against) then if still equal by percentage.


COMPETITION WINNER: Will be the team finishing on top of the ladder after the final round.

  1. TROPHIES: Will be provided for the regular players in the winning team (limit of six) and for the team finishing second (limit of six). Recipients must have played a minimum of 6 games with their respective teams.
  2. INTERVAL:  Morning / Afternoon tea will be taken after 12 ends, except on Final day when afternoon tea will be taken at the conclusion of the game then trophies will be presented. If the Chairman or his deputy is not present, it will be the responsibility of the Host Club's representative to ensure that the Ladies serving afternoon tea are suitably thanked.                                                                                                           If so desired one raffle may be conducted by the Host Club during the interval.

Play at Division level will be open to all Members of Veteran pennant teams who will play 3 or more games at time of closure of entries for singles and pairs in the Pennant competition.

  1. Each championship event shall consist of a knockout competition played on different dates. No player shall be required to play more than 2 games on any day.
  2. SINGLES: All matches will be played to 21 up.
  3. PAIRS: 4 BOWLS. All matches shall consist of 15 live ends excluding dead ends, final 18 ends Pairs partners must be members of the same pennant club. This to be run to the    2-4-2 format.
  4. ENTRIES: Forms for lodging entries for each event will be provided to each Club's Veterans manager. Closing date for entries at Clubs for both events shall be determined by the committee.
  5. ENTRANTS shall contribute an amount as set at AGM per player for each competition. These contributions shall be paid to the Veterans manager at their Club.
  6. ENTRIES shall be accepted only if they are delivered on the official form accompanied by the requisite contributions and are received by the Committee within 7 days of closing date, and the Committee shall donate amount as set at AGM per player to each Host club.
  7. DISPUTES AND APPEALS: If any team or player is aggrieved by a decision of the Committee, appeal may be made to a meeting of Managers which the Chairman must call forthwith. If the Chairman does not call a meeting within 7 days or the matter is not resolved there at, the aggrieved party may appeal to the Bowls Sunraysia competitions committee. The decision of which committee shall be final.
  8. PENALTY: After one warning a player who violates dress code again, then that player's team shall lose winning points to opposing team, and have shots up deducted and added to opposing teams score. If offending player's team loses the game they shall then have 2 points deducted from their total points on the pennant ladder.