With a number of clubs apparently struggling to field teams, it is appropriate that we clarify the Bowls Sunraysia position on some relevant issues

  1. Pennant Permits:

Pennant permits will be issued to allow players to play for another club in the relevant pennant competition. The permits are approved at Bowls Sunraysia level and there is no fee involved. (Forms available from BSD Admin Officer) The following conditions will apply

  1. Player must be a full member of both clubs
  2. Both clubs must agree to the permit
  3. Players on permits still play their championship games at their primary club.
  4. Players to wear the uniform of the club they are playing for on permit.


  1. Substitutes:

The normal rules for substitutes as per Bowls Sunraysia rules for pennant and Bowls Victoria rules for competition will apply.


  1. Player Clearances:

No player can play for their new club until the approved clearance is received from Bowls Victoria. Clearances can now be completed by email with the fee being paid by direct debit and can be approved quickly if all documentation is completed correctly.

In accordance with Bowls Sunraysia rules for pennant, in any 1 season, a player shall not be eligible to play with his/her new club in the pennant competition if granted the clearance within the BSD after the 7th round of pennant unless granted the clearance because of residential relocation.