These Rules and Bylaws are to be used in conjunction with Bowls Sunraysia Constitution and The Bowls Victoria Rules for Competition.

Rules for the various pennant competitions are included as attachments to these rules and these may vary from competition to competition. Proposed amendments to the Rules for Pennant are to be submitted by the competitions committees for approval by the Board.


Junior Members--No affiliation fees will be charged to junior members.


To be eligible and play in Bowls Sunraysia events, players must be affiliated with Bowls Victoria and a member of good standing with a Bowls Sunraysia Member Club. At all times Bowls Victoria Rules for Competition apply.


Candidates for nomination must be persons affiliated with Bowls Victoria and a member of good standing of a Member Club.


Election of Sub- Committees

  • There shall be a chairperson and a recording officer appointed by the Board from suitably qualified persons capable of carrying out the required duties for each sub-committee.
  • The structure and numbers of each subcommittee shall be determined by the board on an as required basis.
  • These sub-committees to submit reports by email, for the Board and Delegates meetings, to the Division Secretary 48 hours prior to these meetings.
  • Sub-committees as required will be appointed by the Board and these may but not exclusively include, Greens, Umpires, Coaching, Junior Development, Veterans, Ladies League, Dot Jenkinson and other sub-committees the Board may deem necessary.
  • Nominations for all Board and Sub-Committee positions shall close no later than 14 days prior to the advertised date of the AGM.
  • If insufficient nominations are received to fill all vacancies the candidates nominated shall be deemed appointed and further nominations can be received at the AGM.
  • If not filled at the AGM they may be filled at a later date, or continue to operate with the numbers available.
  • A fair spread of members from clubs is desired and it is preferred that no subcommittee would contain more than I member from any club, however this may not always be possible, the aim is to have the best people in the job.


The duties of the Competitions Committees [Ladies and Men's] shall be as follows

  1. Prepare their respective programs for the bowling season commencing in the calendar year on August 1st to 31st July in the following year.
  2. Ladies and Men's Match Committee Chairpersons to work in conjunction to ensure programs are ready by 30th June in the first calendar year after the AGM.
  3. On completion of programs they will prepare fixtures books and deliver to printer, to be ready for distribution to members before 31st July after AGM.
  4. Preparation of fixture books must be done with events taking priority in the following order-----

          4.1 Bowls Victoria events

          4.2 Bowls Victoria Region events

          4.3 Bowls Sunraysia Divisional events

          4.4 Member Ladies and Men's Star Day events

          4.5 All other Member Club events

  1. In the event of a clash between fixtures, Bowls Victoria Rules for Competition will be the guideline.
  2. In the event of a dispute which is unable to be resolved by the relevant Match Committee, the matter will come to the Board for settlement.


  • The duty of the Selection Committee shall be to select players. Teams and sides as may be required to represent the Division.
  • The Division selectors must choose one of their Committee to act as Region Selector to select players, teams, or sides for Region Games.


  •  At the AGM a Greens Coordinator [Male or Female] shall be elected.
  • He or she shall make periodic inspections of greens and facilities of Member Clubs and keep the Competitions Committees informed as to the condition of them.
  • Inspect greens and facilities of clubs applying for membership and report to the Board.
  • On request, the Greens Coordinator will enlist the services of a qualified greenkeeper to give advice on renovations or improvements to grass greens. With synthetic greens they shall enlist the expertise of a qualified synthetic surface expert.


  • The duties of the DUB will be to conduct training sessions and examinations of prospective umpires in conformity with the rules of the Australian Bowls Council and Bowls Victoria.
  • DUB will appoint all umpires for Divisional games as required by Competitions Committee.


  • Each AGM shall appoint 2 Publicity Officers, one male and one female, to report on Men's and Ladies events to the local media, all matters pertaining to the Division and any relevant information received.
  • Recommend such action they deem necessary to attract bowlers to the game and to events in our Division.
  • Publicity Committee will be responsible to liaise with Member Clubs to convey information regarding publicity policy to the Board.
  • Notify the Board of any controversial announcements that may have a negative effect on Board policies.


  • All correspondence from affiliated members and their subcommittees must be submitted through Member Club Secretaries to the BSD Secretary.
  • BSD subcommittees' outward correspondence must have copies sent to BSD Secretary.


  • All bank accounts to be in the name of 'Bowls Sunraysia Division Incorporated'.
  • No subcommittee will hold or operate separate bank accounts.
  • All cheques and EFT's to be signed by two persons.
  • Following the AGM, bank signatures must be updated within 14 days of AGM. Departing Board members to be removed as signatories
  • The limit of expenditure by the Board at any one time is $10,000-00. Above this amount is to be ratified at a Special meeting.
  • All competition fees to be set at AGM.
  • Capitation fees, Honorariums and other fees & charges to be set at AGM.


  • Approved Star Days are protected events and no club will run or advertise any open or invitation events on these days.
  • All proposed club open events are to be submitted for approval prior to printing of Fixtures books.


  • Teams and players for McKay Day and Carbis/Walsh events will be chosen by Member Club selectors as follows: ---

          McKay Day by Monday Pennant selectors.

          Carbis/Waish by Saturday Pennant selectors.

          They must choose the best available players for the positions to be filled.