Bowls Sunraysia Division Delegates Meeting 23rd March 2017 7.30p.m.
Present: G Kelly (President), S Kelly, M. Robinson,  S. Nichols, T. Hicks, S Fullerton
Coomealla  Euston    Irymple  Merbein
T. Bath   J Bond               B O’Brien  M. Hogg
F. Postgate                     S. McPherson  M. Long
Mildura  Workers  Nangiloc  Ouyen
J Simpson  D Baird      R. Jay
                                  A Erskine  D Pohlner
Red Cliffs  Underbool  Wentworth
V. Menner  C. Gloster  I Smith
J. Farrelly  R. Gloster  B Wright
Sub Committee  Ladies Competition Men’s Competition D. Jenkinson
   J Osborne  D Sloper                 S. Nichols
   Annecto  Coaching  Men’s Selection
   S. Nichols  W. Gardner  C. Mitchell
   Ladies Selection Umpire   Vet’s Pennant
   A.M. Clarke  R. Jay   J. Farrelly
   S. Pupillo
Observers: Nil. 
President Graeme: Welcomed all in attendance.
Apologies: R. Boyd, N. Mitchell, H. Robertson, C. Sherriff, C. Mitchell, E. King, P. Harrison, T. Walters, B. Minter, D. Sloper.
Moved Underbool  Seconded Red Cliffs  CARRIED
Minutes of 17th August 2016  as circulated a true record.
Moved Red Cliffs      Seconded Merbein  CARRIED
Business Arising:  Date for Carbis and Walsh Shield are looking at date change.
North Wimmera Game are also looking for a date change.
Moved Merbein    Seconded Red Cliffs  CARRIED
CORRECTION Shawn Fullerton has one (1) year to serve on the Board re meaning Ron Boyd and Shawn Fullerton and Sue Kelly are not due for reelection. Graeme Kelly, Neville Mitchell, Sue Nichols and Margaret Robinson are up for reelection. Thelma Hicks has decided to resign one (1) year early creating another vacancy.
President : Graeme read his report and all Delegates received a copy.
Treasurer : President Graeme gave a report and all Delegates received a copy. We need a Treasurer and all were asked to think about the position.   
Men’s Match:  Report as same as last Month and will be delivered at AGM.
Ladies Match : Emailed to Delegates.
Men’s Selection: Nil.
Ladies Selection : Emailed to Delegates.
D. Jenkinson : Sue said all entries have gone out and coming in for the event.
Annecto Ladies League:  Season started Monday 20th March at Mildura. Number are still up and ladies look forward to play in competition.
Umpires : Rob said we have 8 new umpires. Course for more umpires will open up again in New Year. There are a few up for re-accreditation, Rob will have names at the AGM. We have 87 umpires and measurers in our Division. 
Coaching : No report.
Veteran’s : Emailed to Delegates.
At this time President Graeme spoke on the issue of dress for the veterans competition, he stated that there are no plans for the board to interfere and that the only time the dress for vets will change from whites is when the vets want the change themselves.
   Jim said Veterans Pennant is not a official game of pennant. Whites don’t have the logo. It is a game for the men to enjoy and a get together. Shoes can be black as the person might have a foot problem as long as they are smooth soles.
Media : Emailed to Delegates.
Green Course: Emailed to Delegates of Brandon Tyers, Col Gowers and Mark Deakin attended.
Moved Merbein   Seconded Irymple    CARRIED that all reports tabled.
General Business: Pennant:  Moratorium on five years for pennant to be played. Moved Merbein
 Seconded Wentworth. Before it was Carried there was amendment from Red Cliffs stating 3 years for moratorium before it comes up again in 2020. Seconded Wentworth  CARRIED
Vote from all clubs was taken for  start to finish of pennant. Coomealla No, Euston No, Irymple no, Merbein No, Mildura Yes, Workers Yes, Nangiloc No, Ouyen Yes, Red Cliffs No, Underbool Yes, Wentworth No.   7 to 4. To remain as is for 3 years.
Board are to purchase new Thermometers for their weather boxes.
Around the Tables:
Thanks to Board. Delegates need 4 meetings a year. Fred bought up about heat rule during Mid Week Pennant Finals. It was pointed out that there has been received a motion regarding the heat rule for discussion at the AGM Fred also raised the issue of who can speak to the umpire regarding disputes such as inclement weather, he stated that Bowls Australia Regulations protect the players rights in this type of situation.  Graeme is getting clarification from Bowls Vic. He also raised the issue of the restriction on where men can play in midweek pennant, this does need to be revisited and will be clarified at the AGM.
(Footnote; President Graeme has since the meeting, researched the issue of players rights to approach umpires and in singles or tournament play this is correct, however protocol in pennant is that the player can raise things with the umpire but it MUST be done through the team manager/captain, this is to avoid the umpire being approached by  multiple players.

Euston:  John paid thanks to Rob for umpires course and also mentioned they have a green keeper with the grass green up and running.
Irymple:  Midweek Pennant sitting behind rinks when playing. There is no rule covering this as long as spectators are not interfering with play
STAR DAYS Clubs cannot run an open  event where flyers or invitations are distributed to other than members of their own club when other clubs have Star Days listed in diary. If you have a Carnival you are allowed one Star Day. No Carnival two Star Days. All Clubs should ATTEND Star Days.
Delegates Meetings to be discussed being for rotation basis.
Irymple asked what Bowls Sunraysia views are on people encouraging bowlers to not attend other clubs events, The Chairman replied that Bowls Sunraysia takes a very dim view and if this was found to be happening would be extremely disappointed. We need to support all of our clubs and negative comment should be avoided.
 Max gave Margaret two names for S/Vets Day. (B. Cramp and R. Milner)
Mildura:  Nil
Nangiloc Nangiloc asked regarding: Levy Section. Bowls Vic work on Club Numbers.
Ouyen:  Ouyen asked as a result of the pennant vote does this mean the other items they raised in their earlier submission are irrelevant, the reply was no, the structure and format of the next pennant season will be determined by the number of teams entered and the club desires as to the type of competition, to be discussed further at the AGM .
Red Cliffs:  Nil
Underbool:  Midweek Pennant. Teams to be submitted at  AGM.
 Wentworth:  Nil
Workers:   Nil.
For discussion/decision at AGM
1.  Delegates to take back to their Clubs to review about heat policy .
2.  A player has to take care of own health if heat is a issue.
3.  Sub cannot go up and skip.
4. Restrictions on men in midweek pennant
Meeting closed   8.50      p.m.