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                              Bowls Sunraysia Division Annual General Meeting 18th May 2017


Present: G. Kelly (President), M. Robinson, S. Kelly, S. Nichols, T. Hicks, R. Boyd, S. Fullerton, N. Mitchell.


Coomealla                         Euston                                Irymple                               Merbein


T. Bath                                J. Bond                                C. Sherriff                           M. Hogg


F. Postgate                         H. Robertson                     J. Watson                           M. Long


Mildura                              Workers                             Nangiloc                             Ouyen


C. Mitchell                          E. King                                 B. Minter                            R. Jay


J. Osborne                                                                       A. Erskine                           T. Pitcher


Red Cliffs                            Underbool                         Wentworth


V. Menner                          C. Gloster                           P. Harrison


K. Sharman                         R. Gloster                           M. Jolly


Sub Committee                Ladies Committee           Men’s Competition         D. Jenkinson


                                             J. Osborne                          D. Sloper                             S. Nichols


                                             Annecto                             Coaching                            Men’s Selection


                                             S. Nichols                           W. Gardner                        C. Mitchell


                                             Ladies Selection               Umpire                               Vet’s Pennant


                                             A.M. Clarke                        R. Jay                                   G. Hicks


                                             Media                                 Greens                                                             


                                             S. Pupillo


Life Members: Ray Goulding, Max Whiting, Bill Lister, Pat. Richardson, Nancy Bate, Merle Hogg, Rob Jay.


Observers: As per sheet of attendance.




Apologies: R. Goulding, M. Whiting, B. Lister, P. Richardson, N. Bate, W. Gardner.




Moved Red Cliffs                                            Seconded Workingman’s                                             CARRIED


President Graeme welcomed Life Members Merle Hogg, Rob Jay and all people attending meeting.


Minutes of 19th May 2016 as circulated a true record.


Moved  Irymple                                              Seconded Euston                                                           CARRIED


Business Arising: Nil.




BVRR: G. Kelly Nil.


President Graeme read his report and Delegates were handed a copy.


Treasurer: Graeme distributed treasurers to Delegates. Move G. Kelly Seconded Merbein CARRIED


Men’s Match: Email to Delegates.


Ladies Match: Emailed to Delegates.


Ladies Selection: A-M. Clarke read her report.


Men’s Selection: C. Mitchell read his report.


Dot Jenkinson: S. Nichols read her report.


Annecto Ladies League: S. Nichols read her report.


Umpires: R. Jay read his report.


Coaching: W. Gardner sent verbally through there had been no coaching.


Veteran’s: Emailed to Delegates.


Media: Mailed to Delegates.


Greens: Nil.


Moved  Wentworth                                                      Seconded Workingman’s                              CARRIED


President Graeme declared all positions vacant and Graeme took the chair as he was no longer standing on the Board for election of President.


All nominations have been accepted and signed.


Election of Office Bearers: BOARD.


President: Suzanne Kelly Moved Ken Graham       Seconded Barry Dean                       CARRIED 8/3       Sue thanked Graeme for al inspirations over the year.                                             


Deputy Chair:                                   Moved                                Seconded                                          CARRIED


Admin Officer: Margaret Robinson             Moved S. Nichols              Seconded T. Hicks            CARRIED 10/3                                    


Treasurer: Ron Boyd                       Moved M. Robinson        Seconded                                          CARRIED 1/4




Susan Nichols                                  Moved M. Robinson        Seconded T. Hicks                           CARRIED 10/3                                                                  


Shawn Fullerton                Moved D. Sloper               Seconded B. Cockfield                    CARRIED 3/5


                                                            Moved                                Seconded                                          CARRIED


                                                            Moved                                Seconded                                          CARRIED


Ladies Match Committee


Vivien Menner                                  Moved I. Lowes                Seconded I. Krepp                          CARRIED 1/5 (Vivien Menner rescinded her nomination on 15th May 2017)


Susan Nichols                                   Moved M. Robinson        Seconded R. Henderson CARRIED 2/5                                                                  


Vicky Parker                                      Moved A. McPherson      Seconded A. Dawes                        CARRIED 4/5                                                                                                                                                                                            


Jill Duncan                                         Moved L. Symth Seconded S. Pupillo                         CARRIED 2/5


Shirley Pupillo                                   Moved J. Robinson           Seconded N. Mason                        CARRIED 2/5


Judy Osborne                                    Moved S. Pupillo               Seconded P. Russell                        CARRIED 2/5


Men’s Match Committee            


David Sloper                                     Moved I. Lowes                Seconded B. Cockfield                    CARRIED 28/4


Mick Rhoden                                    Moved R. Boyd                 Seconded G. Weller                        CARRIED 1/5


Colin Sherriff                                    Moved B. O’Brien             Seconded I. Dalzell                          CARRIED 18/4


                                                            Moved                                Seconded                                          CARRIED


                                                            Moved                                Seconded                                          CARRIED


Ladies Selection              


Anne-Maree Clarke                        Moved M. Dominelli        Seconded M. Robinson                  CARRIED 5/4


Suzanne Kelly                                    Moved M. Robinson        Seconded S. Nichols                        CARRIED 5/4


Betty Minter                                     Moved B. Lindsay             Seconded N. Bath                            CARRIED 5/4




Men’s Selection


                                                            Moved                                Seconded                                          CARRIED


                                                            Moved                                Seconded                                          CARRIED


                                                            Moved                                Seconded                                          CARRIED




Shirley Pupillo                                   Moved J. Franklin             Seconded L. Smyth                          CARRIED 1/5


Vet’s Pennant   


j. Kennedy Pres                                 Moved G. Hicks                 Seconded P. Bishop                         CARRIED 12/4


P. Bishop V/Pres                             Moved G. Hicks                 Seconded J. Kennedy                      CARRIED 12/4


G. Hicks Recorder                            Moved J. Kennedy            Seconded H. Bradley                       CARRIED 13/4


Coaching: Chairperson and at least 4 both Genders


Umpires: Chairperson and at least 4 of both Genders.


Junior Development: Chairperson and at least 4 either Gender.


Greens: 3 Either Gender


Dot Jenkinson


Sue Nichols (Co-Ordinator), Margaret Robinson (Hon Sec), Betty Minter, Brenda Lindsay, Vivian Menner, Helen Cornell, Julie Lowerson.


Annecto Ladies League:


Pam Terry (Co-Ordinator), Sue Nichols, Margaret Robinson, Cecilia Ferdelja, Julie Lowerson, Roz Muir.


Regions Positions: President and Secretary.


Moved that all Positions as nominated are elected for season 2017/18                     


                                                            Moved Red Cliffs              Seconded Merbein                          CARRIED


Received and consider Statements in accordance with the Act. Act Secretary Ron Boyd.


Motion to change signatories on all bank accounts held under name of Bowls Sunraysia Division.


                                                            Moved  Underbool           Seconded Mildura                           CARRIED


Set Capitation Fees for 2017/18 $15


                                                            Moved Merbein Seconded Ouyen                              CARRIED


Honorariums as recommended by Directors.


President                                           $500.00


D/President                                       $300.00


Secretary                                           $700.00


Treasurer                                           $400.00


Comp Comm C/Person                   $400.00 Each Chair Person


Vet’s President                                 $200.00


Vet’s Recorder                                 $350.00


D.J. Chair Person                             $200.00


D.J. Recorder                                    $350.00


Annecto Ladies League                  $200.00


                                                            Moved  Nangiloc              Seconded Wentworth                    CARRIED


At this point discussions that members be elected from the floor to fill. President Sue advised all positions of nominations closed and vacant. Positions became casual in accordance with constitution. F. Posgate request a grievance meeting and was asked to send letter.


General Business:


Consider such business for which due notice has been given.


Consider any business of which due notice has not been given. Any resolutions arising from such business shall be in the form of a recommendation to the Board of Directors.


Motion from Red Cliff and Wentworth Bowls Clubs


That for Midweek Pennant if the temperature forecast by the Bureau of Meteorlogy at 6.00p.m. the day prior to the scheduled games is 38 degrees or above the scheduled games will be abandoned.


Signed B. Lindsay   (Red Cliffs)       and   A. McPherson (Wentworth)


Merbein answered abide by the rule.


Motion from Underbool and Ouyen Bowls Clubs


With reference to Midweek Pennant, if Men are required to play in a team, a maximum of 2 Men only be permitted in each side and a Lady must play as Skipper. This is to apply to all divisions if more than one.       (EMAIL FROM BOTH CLUBS RESCINDING THEIR MOTION.)


Motion from Workers and Merbein Bowls Clubs


That Men can play in all positions except Skipper/Captain in the 2017/18 for Midweek Pennant Competition. (Defeated)


Motion from Red Cliffs and Nangiloc Bowls Club


That Midweek Pennant teams have maximum of 2 Men in each rink and that they cannot play Third or skip. (Defeated)


Motion from Mildura and Irymple Bowls Club


Rule. 20.


Restriction of Male Players.


Men playing in Midweek Pennant are restricted to the position of lead and second. They are not permitted to skip or play third in any side in any Division. (CARRIED)


Moved S. Nichols Seconded Irymple recommendation to new Board we have waved Pennant Fees and green Fees for last season.                                                                                                      CARRIED


Marj Jolly thanks to all who have taken on positions.


Expressions of interest to be taken back to their Clubs by the Delegates for positions of Deputy Chairperson (Male) 2 Board Members (Male & Female). These positions are to come to Administration Officer (Margaret) ASAP.


F. Posgate asked for motion to be put on books. Before we take a motion on Midweek Pennant do we need a Equal Opportunity Act. No further business on this motion.


Consider the Number of Pennant Sides Saturday Season 2017/18




Coomealla          2            


Euston                  2            


Irymple                4            


Merbein               2            


Mildura                4            


Nangiloc              1            


Ouyen                  2            


Red Cliffs             2            


Underbool           1            


Wentworth         2            


Workers               4            


Midweek Pennant                                                         Div 1                                                   Div 2                                   


Coomealla                                                                      1                                                                                                      


Euston                                                                                                                                          1                                          


Irymple                                                                            1                                                          1                                          


Merbein                                                                           1                                                                                                      


Mildura                                                                            1                                                          1                                          


Ouyen                                                                              1                                                                                                      


Red Cliffs                                                                         1                                                                                                      


Underbool                                                                                                                                   1                                          


Wentworth                                                                     1                                                                                                      


Workers                                                                           -                                                           -                                           


F. Posgate put forward a nomination for Deputy President and was refused by President Sue as it was put to Delegates to take to their Clubs for expression of interest.


. President Sue thanked all for attending and have a safe trip home.




Meeting closed   8.55 p.m.


NEXT DELEGATES MEETING THURSDAY 21st September 2017 7.30p.m. at Workers Club Rooms.