Top four after play today at Irymple.

1    Workers 5: P. Mitchell; M. Rhoden; P. Haenen; S. Pupillo;  21-18- +3

2    Workers 1: R. Boyd; E. King; J. Kennedy; D. McElhinney; 12-23-  -11                      

3    Workers 7: C. Gowers; P. Bishop; B. Ryland; J. Jeffrey; 20- 11-  +9                       

4   Workers 6: F. Bacon; B. Parker; N. Hurley; D. Baird; 22-16-  +6 


Workers 5 retain top spot with an unblemished record, remaining the only team not to have lost a game to date.
Workers 1 still are holding on to second place even with a loss today.
Workers 7 are still in third spot.
Workers 6 slipped into fourth at the expense of Workers 2 who went down to fifth.
Wentworth at last are on the upwards march with a win today over Coomealla 2.
Euston were going along very nicely in their first year of competition only to go down by one shot in the last two weeks.
Next week the play is at Mildura.