BS & CLUB REPORTS 21st September



Another very windy Monday greeted the Midweek Pennant players again this week.
Wentworth were the only Club who managed to win all rinks  this week, defeating Merbein, all other games were reasonably close on the shots score line.

Results as follows. Division One. Round 6.

Mildura 68 shots 10 pts. def Ouyen 57 shots 2 pts..
Pat Russell def. Lorraine Hickmott 28/13..
Shirley Pupillo  def. Sue Kelly 27/16..
Judy Osborne lost to Deb Vallance 13/28.
Coomealla 71 shots 2 pts. lost to Red Cliffs 80 shots 10 pts.
Wilga Redpath def. Annette Smith 37/23..
Dawn Jackson lost to Betty Minter 12/33..
Czes Knight lost to Brenda Lindsay 22/24.

Wentworth 80 shots 12 pts. def. Merbein 57 shots 0 pts.
Thelma Hicks def. Lorraine Wallace 29/22..
Vicki Parker def. Jenny Ellis 25/15..
Sue Nichols def. Raelene Jenkins 26/20.


  1. Mildura 40..
  2. Irymple 36..
  3. Merbein 32..
  4. Coomealla 31..
  5. Red Cliffs 30..
  6. Wentworth 28..
  7. Ouyen 19...

Irymple had the Bye.

Next week's Draw..

  • Ouyen V  Coomealla..
  • Red Clifs V Mildra..
  • Irymple V Wentworth..
Merbein have the bye.

 Midweek Division Two Pennant  Results Round Two..

Played at the Irymple Bowls Club.
Euston 51 sots 8 pts. def. Mildura 46 shots 0 pts...

  • Lyn Parker def. June Robinson28/23..
  • Sue Jorgensen def. Jackie Franklin 23/20.

Irymple 61 shots 8 pts. def. Underbool  39 shots 0 pts...

  • Lorraine Millward def. Marie Cummings 21/19..
  • Christine Doherty def. Colleen Gloster 40/20.

Next week's draw..Mildura V Irymple..Underbool V Euston...Venue..Euston Bowls Club.

The Annual Carbis & Walsh Shields were played for at the Loxton RSL Bowling Club last Sunday between the  Bowls Sunraysia Division  and the Riverland Bowls Division.
Results as follows..
Carbis Shield..

  • Gary Calder lost to S. Roberts  11/33..
  • David Gray def. J. Moreun  22/20..
  • Owen Giddings def. B. Schizeh 21/18..
  • fred Posgate def. J.Vdgit 16/14..
  • Joe Melmore  def. M. Inglis 24/16.
  • F. Giugno  lost to A.Hill 14/30.

Joe Melmore  Skipped the best winning rink for Bowls Sunraysia.

Sunraysia losing the Carbis Shield 108 shots to the Riverland's 131 shots.

Walsh Shield Results..

  • Robert Gloster def. D. Button 27/11..
  • Rod Rowe  lost to T. Brown 13/23..
  • Col Sherriff lost to P. Raams 12/22..
  • Wayne Long def. D. Wainwright.30/12..
  • Geoff Weller lost to L. Seltezas  16/21..
  • Shane Moore def. E. Schultz 19/13.


Wayne Long skipped the best winning rink for Bowls Sunraysia..

Sunraysia winning the Walsh Shield 117 shots to the Riverland's 102. shots.

A great day with all Bowls Sunraysia Club's represented except Ouyen.

The Bowls Sunraysia Ladies State Pairs are being played at the Coomealla Bowls Club today and tomorrow. 9am Assembly with a 9.30am start.

Coming Event..The Bowls Sunraysia Ladies State Singles will be held at the Mildura Bowls Club on the 5th. and 6th. October..Entries to Match Chair Lady Judy Osborne. Flyers should be on all notice Club's notice boards.

Reminder of the Bowls Sunraysia Division 's Club Delegates Meeting tonight at the Red Cliffs Bowls Club at 7.30 pm.

MIDWEEK Pennant results for 18 Sep­tember. Wilga Redpath, Tania Gust, Fred Posgate and Tom Bath defeated the Red Cliffs team skippered by Annette Smith 37/23 with Czes Knight, Dianne Lodge, Bob Deacon and Phillip Gordon going down to Brenda Lindsay 22/24 and Dawn Jackson, Margaret Baird, Gloria Stephenson and Peter Copley going down to Betty Minter 12/33. Two points to Coomealla with Red Cliffs gaining 10 points. Coomealla will travel to Ouyen next week.
On Friday night there was a special presentation to a very popular bowler in Margaret Baird, who will be leaving the district in the near future to take up resi­dence in Lilydale to be closer to her family. Margaret's support around the club will be missed.
The draw for the Ladies Singles Champi­onship play offs are on the notice board and match committee requests these games get underway.
The Men's 100 up draw along with the B Grade Championship is also on the notice board.
Saturday pennant gets underway on Saturday with Fourth Division travelling to Euston; the bus will be leaving around 11.15am. First Division will play Merbein on Sunday and we thank the Merbein bowlers for their consideration in changing the day of play. The teams selected are on the notice board. The starting time for Saturday Pennant is 1.30pm.
Any bowler selected who is unavailable to play is required to contact Brian Tyers or Ron Archer at the earliest opportunity.

VETERAN'S PENNANT: The Euston team of Rod Schwarzenberg (skip), John Bond, Phil Cattanach and Doug Ancrum were pipped on the last end 17 to 18 by Workers 2 team last Thursday. Today is at Irymple against Red Cliffs 2

MID-WEEK PENNANT: Last week Euston won one game but overall went down to Irymple 51 to 43 at Mildura. This week both teams were victorious over Mildura 51 to 43 with Sue Jor-gensen's team up 23 to 20 and Lyn Parker's team up 28 to 23. Next week all four teams play at Euston.

SATURDAY PENNANT: Both Euston teams are playing at home. In Div 2 Euston 1 takes on Ouyen 1 and in Div 4 Euston takes on Coomealla 2.
WALSH SHIELD: The event was played at Loxton last Sunday. Rod Rowe, Rod Schwarzenberg, Phil Cattanach and Peter Tyrrell represented the Euston Bowling Club. The Sunraysia team won to secure the shield.
SOCIAL BOWLS: Winners last Sunday were Ken and Lyn Parker and Allan Morgan.
 EARLIER this week Jo Calder partnered with June Hetherington and won through to the finals of the Ladies Championship Pairs. Jo and June will play Betsy Audino and June Allsop in the final.
Today, Vet's Pennant will be played at Irymple at 1.15pm.
On Monday Midweek Pennant was played at Irymple. In the second round Irymple defeated Underbool. The team skipped by Lorraine Millwood won 1 shot up - 20 to 19. While the team skipped by Chris Doherty did well winning 40 to 21. Irymple gained 8 points. Next Monday they play Mildura. The venue will be Euston and a bus will be available for transportation.
Division 1 Mid week Pennant had a bye this week and are at home to Wentworth in the next round.
Saturday Pennant finally gets underway on Saturday.
In Division 1, Irymple 1 plays Workers
1 at home. In Division 2, Irymple 2 plays Workers 2 at Workers. In Division 3, Irymple 3 plays Nangiloc 1 at Nangiloc. In Division 4, Irymple 4 plays Workers 4 at Workers & Irymple 5 plays Wentworth
2 at Wentworth.
On Tuesday, September 12, 36 players competed in the social game of 2 bowl triples. Reg Giles skipped the winning team partnered with N Zeunert and N Saunders. Runners up were Ian McClean (s), Alan Pettitt and Chris Everett.
On Saturday, September 16, 67 bowlers played in the social and final pennant practice event. Winners were Neville Hodgetts (s), Terry Wright, Emma Simmonds, Wayne McDonald while runners up were Ivor Minney (s), Barry Fox, Glenda Minney and Joe Sipek.
Monday's Aggregate game was won by June Allsop and Norma Dean with 70 points from the runners up combination of Eileen Dunn and Norma King 691/2 points.
Happy birthday to Glenda Minney. Join the celebrations tomorrow night at the club following Happy Hour. Members a plate please.
 LAST Saturday saw Merbein travel to Red Cliffs for a pennant practice match with Red Cliffs being too good on the day.
Merbein's best rink for the day was B. Fullerton, B. Davey, J. Anderson and S. Jones. Sunday saw Merbein put in a winning team for the Carbis Shield at Loxton consisting of D. Gray, M. Long, Jumbo Greenhill and L. McLaine.
The Midweek pennant team travelled to Wentworth on Monday but unfortunately Wentworth was too good on the day.
Vets pennant has been doing well with ail players enjoying the competition. Don't forget to put your names in for the Spring Carnival held on Tuesday and Wednesday.
 THE Mallee Meat sponsored triples last Thursday proauced some spirited competition with ultimate win going to Bernie Sharp, Brian (vlad Adams and the maestro, Geoff Evans. Best second garners were Nioko , Barry Morrison and Danny Morris.
Saturday's social consisted of a mix of social players and those practicing for pennant. Based on the points system , the eventual winners were Ken Hayes, Pat Russell , Bernie Sharp and young Billy Hobbs. Runners up were Joe Dimasi , Chippa Kolpin , Barry Morrison and Bruce Russell.
Pete Russell and Tony Ferdelja won the chook pairs on Tuesday with the chocolates going to Robbie (Robot) 0' Brien and Con Ziguras (Koorlong).
The club mourns the passing of long time member, Phil Mullane, a true gentleman who will be sadly missed.
The club also extends its sympathy to Raelene Kolpin who has just lost her mother who had been in ill health for some time.
Members are urged to take note of the plat by dates for the club championships.
The long awaited club diary is due shortly.
  •  OUYEN
 AND the wailing begins! With Saturday Pennant competition starting this weekend, we wish the selected representative teams all the best as first division start away at Mildura, with second division at home to Mildura.
Vets last Thursday was played on the carpet and saw the men have a 3-2 result. Today they are off to Irymple.
Midweek Pennant was away to Coomealla and they had a 2-1, 80 to 71 shot victory. Well done. Next week they host Mildura.
Saturday social bowls was cancelled in favour of a Pennant practice match of sorts, against Merbein on the carpet.
An enjoyable afternoon was had by those who did participate, and it was good to catch up with our fellow bowlers from the Hawk's Nest. We hope they enjoyed their day, even though they didn't have a winning rink.
The club mixed pairs final was played on Sunday morning, with David Foy and Roz Muir up against Mark Deakin and Irene Case. The game was a 3.5 hour see-sawing marathon with the two ladies starring.
After 14 ends the scores were tied at 10 all, but Mark and Irene managed to score 7 shots to 1 over the next 4 ends to take the title.
Tuesday social bowls saw a great turnout in beautiful warm spring weather. Kevin Bottams and Barry Denman proved too good with a two game +12 win. Friday night social club will be on again from 4pm, while the Pizza social night will be held Friday week. Get your names in for catering purposes.

 PENNANT players are practicing each Saturday getting ready for the games against all clubs.
On Monday we played Merbein on our greens and won on all three rinks 80(12) to 57(0). Vicky Parker's team of Alistair Baird. Glenys Page and Ann Dawes defeated Jenny Ellis and team of Evelyn Michelle. Merle Hogg. Jackie Bradie 25 shots to 15, with Wentworth being ahead in the early part of the game. However on the ninth end Merbein scored and went to the lunch break with the score being in their favour 8-10. Wentworth came out firing and levelled the game at 13 all. Wentworth then scored on all ends except for two. Final score 25-15.
Susan Nichols' team of Rodger Smith, Rod Baird and Judy Weller came home winners 26 to 20. Merbein won the first end and it wasn't until end six when Wentworth scored four shots that gave them the lead, Merbein responded and won the next 5 ends, at lunch the score was 10-16. Susan's team came out firing with 4 shots followed by 2 shots and a three on 16th end to take the lead 19:16 and they eventually drew away to win.
Thelma Hicks headed the team of Pam Harrison, Geoff Weller and Carol Boyd to defeat Lorraine Wallace, G. Farnsworth and Val Farr. The Wentworth team struggled in the first part of the game, to be down 9-14. But the lunch break gave them a surge of energy as they bounced back to win the game 29-22.
On Friday evening, they played cards, Susan Nichols won Phase 10 and Vicky Parker won Kings in the Corner. Come along and have a game the more people that come the more types of cards can be played.
Members are reminded to bring along items for the Christmas Hamper.


Social Bowls on Wednesday and Saturday’s starts at 1pm please ensure your names are in before 12.15pm on those days to avoid disappointment.  

Congratulations to Lyn Rattray on drawing the Joker out on Friday evening and taking home $500 cash well done.  So this Friday evening Joke Wild is back to the start so be there and get it building up again and who knows you may be the lucky winner.   Tickets are now on sale for our Major Fundraising Raffle which will be drawn in 17 December 2017.   If you have not already been given a book of tickets to sell or need more tickets contact Don Baird or Ron Boyd.

For the Social Bowler please place all names on cards it is hard to recognizes all the winners when the names are not there.  Social bowls results were, Wednesday winners were F. Bacon’s team defeating Butch Pollock’s team, Saturday winners were Brian Parker (s) and Peter Haenen defeating Mick Rhoden’s team, congratulation to you all and well done.

This Saturday sees the commencement of Saturday Pennant competition in its new format, roll up at 1.15pm and starting at 1.30pm.  All selected sides are displayed in the office window on Monday evening and they will be placed on our web site, so please check to see if you are playing.  Remember you have been selected to represent our great club in this competition, so support the selectors, play to your best ability and let’s hope we can win three pennants.   This year there is a Best and Fairest award for Division One, and should it go well, next year we may see it covering all Divisions.  The presentation night will be held on 8th December and tickets are available from Ron Boyd or Brian Horton at a cost of $25, organize a group and support this event.

Dumping of bowls on our greens has been raised at our recent Board meeting, those having difficulty in their delivery are asked to contact one of the club coaches or consider applying for a bowlers arm and coaching.  The Board is considering what action to take and the implementation of a policy for dumping of bowls on our greens.

Do not forget Saturday 18th November, 2017 when WE HOST Irymple for a fun social bowls afternoon with novelty events and a "spider" start, starting at 1pm, then a casserole tea at 6pm and a quiz night.  Expected to finish no later than 8pm, a game will be arranged for those wanting to stay later.  "Everyone" coming is asked to bring a casserole or two to share with our guests from Irymple Bowling Club.  Watch the notice board for further information.

Entry forms are on notice board for, Men’s State Singles, Fours, Ladies State Fours, Club Ladies Pairs, and Men’s Pairs, check them out and get you entries in by the due date.